Petaluma Storage - Petaluma, CA

  1. Store expensive items in unmarked boxes near the back of your unit.
  2. Stack lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes.
  3. You can put small items inside a refrigerator, washer, etc.
  4. Place frequently used items near the front of your unit.
  5. Cover your property with old sheets & blankets. Avoid using plastic covers as they tend to "sweat".
  6. Stack your property so it will not shift or fall.
  7. If you wish to place a protective barrier on the floor. You can purchase tarps at a herdware store at a reasonable price.
  8. Record all serial numbers and other important information and keep it at home.
  9. Do not store items such as dry food, pet bedding material, or other items that can attract rodents.
  10. Always use a good sturdy lock. - Pictures and mirrors can be placed between mattresses and box spring.
  11. Sofas and love seats should not be stored on end to save floor space.

Petaluma Self Storage

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