Full-Service Secured Storage Facility in Petaluma, CA

Ensure that your goods are stored securely by turning to Petaluma Self Storage. As a secured storage facility in Petaluma, CA, we provide a range of self-storage solutions to individuals and businesses that need extra space for their goods. By providing secure solutions to our clients, we can give them peace of mind that their storage unit is safe.

Additionally, our facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art security and surveillance system monitored by our staff 24 hours a day. To learn more about our secure storage units, or to discuss your storage needs, reach out to our office. We are always happy to answer your questions and provide you with the peace of mind that your goods and products are safe and secure.

Secure Site Access

At our public storage facility, we believe in providing secure access for all of our clients. We accomplish this by offering computer-controlled gates and alarmed storage units for your convenience. This way, we can keep track of everyone entering our facility and be alerted to any unauthorized access to our storage lockers. When you require a secure storage solution for your goods, trust our company to deliver the space you need.

Computer Controlled Gate

Our computer controls access to our facility.  The access history of each of our clients is stored on the hard drive. In the event the computer stops working, your access code will still let you in.

Site Graphics

Site Graphics is a visual rendering of our self-storage units and our security system. Each unit door is color-coded to represent vacancy, delinquency, and occupancy.

24 hour surveillance camera

A key component of our security setup is our video surveillance cameras. The cameras are positioned throughout the facility, and they monitor and record all activity on the premises.

Fully fenced perimeter .

Our storage facility is fully fenced around the perimeter, providing secure access control to our property.  When combined with our computer-controlled gates, we can ensure that our premises are fully secured.

Regular Inspection Rounds

Management conducts regular inspection rounds of the property throughout the day. These rounds also include checking locks on all of the units.

Onsite Resident Manager

Our manager, Dianne, lives on-site and has over 12 years of experience managing our self-storage units. Her assistant managers have over 11 years of experience. Contact our office to learn more.

Petaluma Self Storage

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